UC-AFT Member Enrollment

University Council-American Federation of Teachers is the union that represents lecturers and librarians at the University of California.  UC-AFT membership is not automatic.  You must enroll using this form.

Why join UC-AFT?  Because your membership matters, whether you're on campus for one term or every term.  As a member, you 

  • Pay nothing extra.
  • Join with your colleagues to promote high-quality education and research at the University of California.
  • Shape our future by voting on union policies and contracts.
  • Increase our power to negotiate better working and learning conditions.
  • Receive members-only discounts and benefits.

Member Contact Information

Home Address

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(Will not be shared with any third parties)

Authorization for Payroll Deduction of Dues

You become a member of UC-AFT at no additional cost.  All non-members pay fair share fees (indicated by the AGENCY FEE line on pay stubs) to support the costs of bargaining and representation.  Members pay dues that are identical to the amount of fair share fees. Dues will be deducted each month from your payroll check. 

UC-AFT fair share fees and dues are 1.5% of gross monthly salary, with a cap of $100 per month, for librarians and non-Senate faculty who have exclusive representation. This form does not authorize dues deduction for appointments outside of UC-AFT bargaining units. Non-represented Academic Senate faculty and academic researchers may join UC-AFT and authorize dues deduction using the Non-represented Membership Form.

Check your campus ID card to find the number. If you don't have it, leave this field blank.