Telling Your Story

It’s Not Just a Job –

Providing a Valuable Public Service for Our Communities

All of our members make important contributions in your communities – both at work and in your personal lives. Most days, you go above and beyond what is required. You are family members, neighbors, consumers, volunteers, mentors, and more.

Because of the years of austerity, we have done without and have not had any significant state investment at all levels of public education. It is important that everyone knows about the people who are committed to the work that benefits students and society. We want to share these stories because your elected representatives and the general public need to know the truth when they pass legislation or decide how to vote.

Stories are powerful. Please take a few minutes to tell us your story. Below is a form to help guide your story but, by all means, feel free to add anything else. We are not emphasizing compensation issues but rather focusing on the value of your work for the public good and the impacts of disinvesting in our values. For example, correctional officers keep our communities safe; school custodians make sure students are not exposed to toxic environments, etc.



In case we have some questions, please provide the following contact information. We will not share this information to outside organizations.

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