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Annual dues are divided into the same payment periods as annual pay. Each pay period, a portion of each member's dues goes to AFT National ($19.58), AFT Missouri ($6.67), and KC Labor Council ($1.50).

Dues amounts per pay period:

Certified Employees: $20.00 (Half Dues for 22-23 School Year)

10.5-month Classified Employees: $22.85

12-month Classified Employees: $20.00



Please choose either the Bank Draft or Credit Card payment method below:



I authorize KCFT & SRP to deduct per-pay period dues for membership in accordance with the KCFT & SRP Constitution and bylaws and the AFT Constitution. Dues payments are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. The dues amount may change if authorized according to the requirements of the local, state, or national constitutions. If this happens, I authorize my bank or credit card to adjust my monthly payment when notified by KCFT & SRP. I understand that annual dues are divided into the same number of payments as my annual salary, and that these deductions shall be made at the same time as each paycheck and continue until KCFT & SRP is given written authorization of revocation, unless the written notice is between May 1 and the beginning of the next school year. In that case, dues will be stopped after the last paycheck of the school year in which the written notice is tendered.  If KCFT & SRP is unable to deduct said dues from my bank account or credit/debit card, or if the need to switch otherwise arises, I hereby authorize the Board of Education of Kansas City Public Schools to deduct from my salary such amount as may be necessary to pay my regular Membership dues in KCFT & SRP as are now or may hereafter be fixed by the Constitution of KCFT & SRP, said deductions to be deducted in equal installments during each school year and remitted to said KCFT & SRP.



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Terms and Conditions of the $100 Rebate:  Offier good on new memberships through 8/21/22. Rebate check will be sent by either inter district mail or postal mail once the application has been processed. By signing below, you agree to remain a member of KCFT & SRP the entire 2022-23 school year.