CPS School Cleanliness Survey

CPS has recently been exposed for a sweeping failure to address cleanliness issues at schools -- including problems that create health hazards for students and members. We know this is not the fault of janitors -- the responsibility lies with private corporations who short-staff schools, fail to provide janitors with adequate supplies, and ignore critical needs. The Chicago Teachers Union has multiple grievances in the pipeline about this issue. You’ll find more information and tools to spur action on the CTU’s School Cleanliness webpage. We're also gathering a new round of data to support our case. Please take a moment to fill out the survey below.

Please email photos to Jackson Potter, CTU Staff Coordinator. You can upload them to a file sharing service (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox) or a photo sharing service (e.g. Flickr, Google Photos) and share the link with JacksonPotter@ctulocal1.com or you can attach them to an email to that address.