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Bullying Prevention Survey

The AFT takes school safety seriously, as do its members. We would like to know how we can support you and your colleagues in your efforts to reclaim the promise of public education by promoting safer, more supportive schools and communities.

Please take this short survey to tell us about your bullying prevention efforts, and where you could use help. And feel free to share this survey with others!

Those who complete the survey thoroughly will be eligible to receive a free Bully Project Educator's DVD and Toolkit, while supplies last.


Bullying Prevention Challenges and Successes
Bullying Prevention Professional Development
(e.g. When? What was the format? What did it cover? Did you find it helpful? Was it a one-time in service, or ongoing? How could it have been better?)
Shipping Information

Those who thoroughly complete the entire survey will be eligible to receive a Bully Project Educator's DVD and Toolkit while supplies last. The below information will only be used in connection with our bullying prevention efforts. However, if you would like to remain anonymous, simply leave the below fields blank.