AFT Guild, Local 1931 Application for Membership

Monthly dues are 1.50% of gross with a $21 minimum, paid only while in paid status.

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  • Guild Officer Voting Rights

  • Life, Accident, Disability Insurance Plans

  • Extended Dental and Vision Coverage

  • Auto/Home Insurance

  • Pet Insurance

  • AFT+ Credit Card

  • Mortgage/Real Estate Programs

  • Free/Discounted Legal Services

  • Entertainment, Magazine, Hotel, Car Rental Discounts

AFT Guild, Local 1931 Application for Membership

I hereby request and voluntarily accept membership in the AFT Guild, Local 1931 of the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, and its affiliates for all the membership rights, benefits, and services provided by these organizations.  I agree to abide by all applicable Constitutions and Bylaws.  Separately, I also authorize the Guild to act as my exclusive representative in collective bargaining over wages, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment with my employer and I request and voluntarily authorize my employer to deduct from my earnings and pay over to the Guild the regular monthly dues uniformly applicable to members of the Guild.  Additionally, I hereby agree to pay the monthly dues established by the Guild in consideration for the services the Guild provides. I understand that these monthly amount are subject to periodic change by the governing body of the Guild. This authorization will remain in effect and shall be irrevocable except as provided for in the Guild’s Membership Policy.  I understand that union dues may not be deductible for federal income tax purposes; however, under limited circumstances, dues may qualify as a business expense.

I understand that this application and authorizations are voluntary and is not a condition of employment and that I have the legal right to refuse this agreement without suffering any reprisal.

By checking this box I hereby apply for membership in the AFT Guild, Local 1931 and I understand, and agree, to comply with the terms, conditions, and policies of the Guild delineated in the paragraphs above.

Committee on Political Education (COPE) Voluntary Deduction

In order to maintain the favorable working conditions our union has won for us over the years, we need to maintain our ability to elect our bosses - our Governing Board Members.  What other fields of employment enjoy this luxury?  We need to make the most of it.  Please consider making a voluntary contribution to this fund so that we have the resources needed to continue to run political campaigns to elect our Governing Board Members.  Recommended contribution levels are:

•  Members with less than five years of service - $5.00/month

•  Adjunct Faculty and Classified Staff with five or more years of service - $10.00/month

•  Contract Faculty with five to nine years of service - $10.00/month

•  Contract Faculty with ten or more years of service - $20.00/month

AFT Guild, Local 1931, COPE
The employer is hereby authorized to deduct from each of my regular warrants due me as an employee, beginning with the warrant for the month following submission of this card, the sum specified to pay organizational dues to the AFT Guild, Local 1931, local, state, and federal Committee on Political Education (COPE). The amount so deducted shall be transmitted to the AFT Guild, Local 1931, COPE and upon remitting the deduction, the employer shall have fulfilled its entire obligation and shall be held harmless in the event of defalcation on the part of the AFT Guild, Local 1931, COPE or any of its employees. This authorization must be received in the employer's payroll department by the first working day of the month in which the deduction is to become effective. This authorization is signed freely and voluntarily and is not a condition of employment and not out of fear or reprisal and I will not be favored or disadvantaged because I exercise this right and on the understanding that the AFT Guild, Local 1931, COPE will use the money contributed to make political contributions and expenditures to local, state, and federal political campaigns. I understand that contributions or gifts to the AFT Guild, Local 1931, COPE are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. This voluntary authorization may be revoked at any time by communicating the desire to do so in writing to the Guild President and/or Guild Treasurer.