2021 AFT-WV Summer School

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Welcome to our 2021 AFT-WV Summer School pre-registration page.  

AFT-WV Summer School
June 21-25, 2021
Camp Dawson Convention Center

This is a pre-registration only. 

Before continuing, please review the course descriptions on the AFT-WV webpage and contact your local president for an approval code.  Members of Local 8046, Local 6500, AFT-Upshur Local 6575 or AFT-Wetzel County Local 4959 should contact AFT-WV for an approval code.

You will receive an email from AFT-WV confirming your registration or wait list status at a later date.  Confirmation depends on capacity availability for one of your class choices, changes to mitigation measures, etc.  Upon confirmation, you will be directed to a PayPal link to pay your $50 registration fee.


Camp Dawson

This summer school will be very different from ones we have held in the past. 

Due to COVID-19, Camp Dawson currently has strict mitigation measures in place.  We will update participants with more specific details prior to the week of June 21st. 

  • General assemblies and classes will be reduced by 50% capacity.

  • Masks and social distancing are mandatory in all areas. 

  • You will be screened by military personnel prior to being permitted on base. 

  • You will be required to submit to daily temperature checks and a health assessment each morning and evening.

  • We will not be holding our typical social events after classes and meal times will likely be staggered.


Please review the class descriptions from our webpage and pick your first, second, and third choices prior to continuing with registration. 

3-hr grad credit from WVU is available for all classes.  We are still awaiting the associated 3-hr grad credit cost, but it will likely be around $219.  Participants wanting the credit will receive more information as it becomes available.   

Alternative Dues Collection (edues)
Recently, HB 2009 was passed by the WV Legislature and will prohibit payroll deduction of union dues for public employees. AFT-WV has started to transition to an electronic dues payment system in order to preserve the continuity of coverage (representation, insurances, etc.) for our members . Full details are available at www.aftwv.org.

Please go to aftwv.org after you complete the summer school pre-registration process and sign up for electronic dues.  Just click "Join the Union" under the Membership tab for instructions.  We are committed to serving members; we need you to "recommit" to union membership.  Thank you.

required by Camp Dawson
Also required by Camp Dawson. If you are not driving, please list the name of the person you are riding with in the above space
Please review and select carefully. Locals pay a portion of associated costs for their members.
Course Offerings

Participants - please select a first, second, and third class choice.  We will do our best to enroll you in your first choice. 

Commitment to AFT-WV / Terms and Conditions

I understand that the submission of this form implies my desire and intent to attend AFT-WV Summer School. I understand that my registration confirmation is subject to class availablitly based on capacity limits.  Additionally, my local will be covering costs associated with my participation, so I have provided my local president's approval code.  Upon confirmation of registration, I will be provided a link to pay my non-refundable $50 Summer School registration fee.  

By attending Summer School 2021, I am committing myself to assist my AFT-WV local union in the implementation of programs related to summer program content and that my commitment carries throughout the 2021-2022 school year.