2019 AFT-Maryland Political Priorities Survey

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The 2020 election season will soon be upon us, and as public employees and education workers, we must be sure that our issues are understood and represented by strong candidates running for the various offices that are up for election.

Our members will be instrumental in determining the winners for local elections, including Baltimore City races (mayor, city council), as well as state-wide and federal races, including seats for US Congress and President.

In order to better understand the political priorities of our membership as we head into this election cycle, please take the time to complete this political priorities survey. Once completed, the union will begin compiling questions to ask the various candidates for the particular offices, and holding candidate forums to determine who will get the union's endorsement.

Of course, all candidate forums and interviews will be open to dues-paying union members.

Voter Registration
Online registration

You can register to vote online! Visit the Maryland Board of Elections to register today

Who represents me?
  • To find who represents you on the Federal (US Congress) and State (State Senator and Delegates) levels. you can visit http://mdelect.net.